Sphera Equipment 4-Bottle Oxygen Service Cart Complete with Booster

Category: Nitrogen and oxygen carts

Our 4-bottle aircraft oxygen system service cart comes complete with a booster and regulator for remote (ramp) or in-hangar boosting. The unit uses N2 to drive the O2 booster, or shop air if used in-hangar (100 psi). The 5th-wheel steering provides optimal in-hangar maneuverability by hand, while the heavy-duty running gear and towbar allow for unlimited vehicle towing across the ramp or airfield.

This unit includes everything required to provide O2 service for aircraft (except for the bottles and gas):

  • Powder-coated 4-bottle cart with heavy-duty wheels & pneumatic tires 
  • OB-30 oxygen booster
  • 3-bottle oxygen regulator with 15' delivery hose and combination charge adapter (will fit either of the two standard aircraft connectors)
  • 1-bottle nitrogen low pressure regulator with booster and bottle lines
  • Hose kits for connecting boosters, regulators, and bottles.