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The MAC400FHC flameless airline heat cart (FHC) is an efficient and safe airport solution. The MAC400FHC is compact and portable while providing a clean and reliable blast of heat for aircraft, hangars, and ground support equipment. It represents the latest in flameless heater technology. The MAC400FHC is for use on RJ style to narrow body aircraft to eliminate auxiliary power unit (APU) use for substantial fuel burn savings.


WASP 6,000lb Axle Kit 

Airline Tug Hitch with Wheel Locking Position 

Isuzu 2.2 diesel engine, 62 HP (46 kW) Engine 

950 CCA Wet Cell Battery 

Secondary fluid containment (110%) 

One 12" Airline Outlet Duct 

Positive Air Shutdown

Lockable access doors 

Powder coat finish 

Duct Storage Wall 

Fork Lift Pockets 

Operating Beacon (Orange) 

Low Fuel Beacon (blue)


Additional ducting/duct splitters 

Custom paint colors 

Global Positioning System (GPS) 

Service/work light packages

• Interior LED service lights 

• Exterior LED work lights (flood or spot) 

Cold weather package 

• EON dry cell battery 1090 CCA - 4 year full warranty 

• Battery blanket 

• Fuel pre-heater 

• Insulated duct sections (25’ lengths) 

Hazardous environment options 

• Lower Explosive Level (LEL) monitor – 75 harmful/explosive gas detection 

• Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor 

• Spark arrestor/silencer 

• Brushless starter 

• Brushless alternator


Aircraft heater ELECTRIC 42


The EL 42 heater chassis is made of heavy duty tubular frame which gives the heater a low center of gravity. The heavy duty airless tires are puncture free and mounted on cone shaped bearings. The front end is extremely robust and connected to a pivot wheel. The turning diameter is only 1,5 meter.

The tow bar is easily replaceable and incorporates a pulling handle and a towing eyelet. The heater has a parking brake which is activated by the tow bar in upright position.


The heater fan has a special high pressure fan for maximum heater operation and full fills the highest performance levels. The fan has low noise level and is powered by direct drive electric motor. The blower can run in full speed mode or low speed mode.


The heater consists of multiple heating elements for maximum degree of efficiency. This means instant heat without pre-heating. There are no Diesel engines to be heated up before operation.

Heat regulation is done automatically but there are also possibility to manually change between high temperature mode and low temperature mode.


The EL 42 is built with a steel canopy with inspection doors. The canopy is functionally built in order to give easy access for routine inspection of motor and heating elements.

The canopy is structured in heavy steel to withstand stresses, vibrations and associated with heavy use with the equipment. The roof and side panels are made of stainless steel and angled to get rid of water and snow. The frame is galvanized for maximum rust prevention.

The air hose is of highest quality and diameter is 203 mm and a length of 10 meter. The adapter is a light weight adapter made of durable plastic.

The heater has warning lamps on the control panel to indicate operation failure.


All operation controls, gauges and switches on the unit are placed on the operation panel for easy operation.

All components are permanently marked in a clear and ligable manner as to function and indication. There are gauges for discharge air temperature, hour meter and the panel has also an emergency switch.

The panel is covered with plastic to avoid snow and ice build up. The panel has a 63 Amp power inlet on the EL 42

The heater has a built in frequency converter for low motor speed start up and for control of low air flow of high airflow.

The unit is delivered with technical manual with maintenance and operation information and

spare parts manual and trouble shooting diagram.


The heater comply with CE regulation and IATA demand AHM 910 , 913 , 915 , 916 , 973

EMC directive , DIN 4787 , EN 267 , Machine directive 89 / 392 , 92 / 42 EEC , 93 / 68 EEC



Air flow 2500 m3 / h

Discharge pressure nom. 350 mmwp ( 3500 Pa )

Discharge air temperature max 55 degree C

Heating capacity 42 kW

Blower motor 3 kW

Heating elements 3 ea

Power 400 V , 3 – phase , 50 Hz

Electric connection 63 Amp

Operation temperature - 40 degree C to + 30 degree C


Length 1,80 m

Width 1,23 m

Height 1,10 m

Weight 360 kg

Turning diameter 1,50 m