DIESEL GPU with power from 90 to 180kVA, 115V, three-phase, 400 Hz, with or without 28VDC output with maximum current 2500A

Category: Ground Power Units

DIESEL GPU with power from 90 to 180kVA, 115V, three-phase, 400 Hz, with or without 28VDC output with maximum current 2500A. Equipped with IVECO Engine 4 or 6 cylinder, turbocharged, and Three-Phase WEG generator, brushless. All models 90-180 kVA use the same structure, mounted on modern chassis fairings and designed in 3D, with the latest features, and mass-produced using laser cutting and CNC bending, without handicrafts. Electrical and electronic circuits modern, resin-coated, waterproof, vibration and salt spray, following requirements of the relevant standards, IEC and VDE. Panel with few commands and is very easy to be operated without special training.

AUTOMATIC: With the touch of a button "On" or "Off" it makes the whole process necessary for its operation: When turned on, it remains idle for 10 seconds, for preheating. After accelerates smoothly without excessive smoke. Upon reaching operating speed, connects the generator makes electrical trace quantities, and is ready for use. After use, when pressed the "off" button starts the shutdown process, which slowly drops the speed and is running for 3 minutes at idle, for the turbine cooling and turns off automatically. It is equipped with 315 liter tank, Giroflex for low-level warning fuel and automatic shutdown at the end of the reservation before entering air in the system.

Unlike other equipment, requiring the operator to crash, this requires no previous knowledge and can be operated by anyone, that your automatic control makes it work correctly without errors may interfere with or damage the GPU or the aircraft answered. In this GPU, electronic circuit fault protection not simply interrupts the power supply if a fault occurs. He is active. Search automatically correct the fault, by adjusting the voltage or frequency, and only switches off if the automatic correction is not possible. All this powerful electronic control is guaranteed for 3 years, within the extended warranty.

Can be used and outputs 115VAC to 28VDC same time.

Is provided with the following features:

Automatic limitation of the starting current, without adjustment or operator knowledge.
Output voltage: 115 / 200VCA and optionally 28VDC with a maximum capacity of up to 2500A .;
Frequency: 400Hz;
Powers available: 90, 120, 140 and 180 kVA (others on request);
Service Board: Continuous;
Low speed: 1847 RPM (Digital speed control, for durability and lower consumption);
Has emergency pushbutton for immediate shutdown;
Digital instruments for electrical measurements: voltmeter, frequency meter and ammeter;
Analog instruments for the engine: oil pressure, temperature, fuel level and hour meter;
Signal lights with electronic flasher with torches leds;
Protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overfrequency and underfrequency, active with automatic recovery;
Electronic speed control system;
Automatic shutdown for low oil pressure, low fuel and high temperature of the engine;
Indicator signaling low fuel level in the panel and giroflex;
System 12 Volts to 140 kVA and 24 Volts above;
Parking brake engaged with the locked traction rod upright;
Wide doors and panel on the back, separated from the engine room, with tempered glass protection 10mm;
Tank: Bepo (Mercedes-Benz Original 1944 with its original buoy), 315 liters of plastic, easily replaced for up to 40 hours (depending on the power used);
Maintenance for cleaning and removal of the tank, with easily removable cowling.
Exhaust system of oil vapors, which keeps the radiator always clean, oil-free.
Dry weight: (Kg): 1890-2596;
Painting: Electrostatic color White or other request;
115VAC output cable, 400Hz, with a total length of 10 meters, with plug R67BS;
According cable 115VAC, optional up to 120kVA and above all with two cables;
28VDC output cable, with anti-friction protection, with plug R65BS, with 8 feet long when with this option;
Equipment with index 99.33% of nationalization.


28VDC output with module installed internally;
Painting in custom colors;

WARRANTY up to three (3) years, of which:

12 months from delivery to the engine and its aggregates, WEG generator, battery and output cables and all the mechanics and electrics / electronics;

36 months for all mechanics and electrics / electronics, except output cables within the extended warranty for the customer who makes all maintenance / review and change the oil every 250 hours by our company. The service by third parties voids are additional warranty.

Further technical details in his Manual of Operation and Maintenance.