SPHERA EQUIPMENT® 4" Lavatory Drain Coupling

Category: Components to the airfield equipment

Engineered for speed, ease and reliable use, SPHERA EQUIPMENT® Lavatory Drain Couplings are connected and locked via a quarter-turn onto any standard lavatory drain nipple at the service panel – enabling waste to be drained into a lavatory service vehicle during preflight servicing. These couplings provide a positive leak-proof connection on all standard 4 inch drain valves, eliminating ramp spills and waste contact with personnel. Lightweight and easy to handle SPHERA EQUIPMENT® Lavatory Drain Couplings feature a bright, high visibility yellow collar. What’s more, these couplings are constructed of extra durable impact-resistant, non-porous composite material to withstand the most demanding high volume use. Top quality features also include a stainless steel cam ring as well as a stainless steel retaining washer and snap ring to resist corrosion and add even more long lasting performance.


  • Durable, impact-resistant, non-porous composite material 
  • Utilizes a stainless steel cam ring, retaining washer and snap ring for added corrosion resistance and durability 
  • Distinctive yellow colored collar for high visability 
  • Positive leak-proof connection on all standard 4 inch drain valves 
  • Helps to eliminate ramp spillage and waste contact with servicing personnel 
  • Lightweight for easy handling and operation 
  • Hose bib connection for all standard 4 inch Lav service hoses

Sage P/N DLC-4

Replaces Rockwell Collins OEM Part number 2653-21-1

Other part numbers: 383025, 2653-1, V2653J001P00, V2653J001P10, V2653J001P20, V2653J015A00 and V2653J015A10.