Sphera Equipment ®3/4 "potable water fill coupling PWFC-LG

Category: Components to the airfield equipment

Sphera Equipment® 3/4" potable water coupling has a high-quality design with a quarter turn lock and unlock with an open end for quick and highly efficient connection and disconnection. This clutch is attached to any standard 3/4 inch water filling nipple, and the reliable “latch” provides a reliable leak-free connection and tightness between the filling equipment and the aircraft’s potable water filling system during maintenance.

Sphera Equipment® couplings for filling potable water are designed for a wide temperature range and are also designed for durability - thanks to the robust but lightweight construction made of anodized aluminum. The housing is knurled for easy handling of the coupling, the housing is designed for high working pressure, in combination with a low pressure drop inside, the coupling shank is equipped with a bib for a better fit of the filling hose. The internal parts are made of food grade stainless steel AISI 316, and the o-ring is made of frost-resistant silicone.


  • Distinctive, quick connect / disconnect with latch
  • Wide temperature range
  • Reliable, airtight mount to all aircraft with a 3/4 inch filling nipple
  • Open end, quarter turn to lock and unlock
  • Lightweight / durable anodized aluminum construction
  • Knurled housing for easy operation
  • High working pressure with low differential pressure
  • Important components from food grade stainless steel AISI316
  • O-ring made of frost-resistant silicone

Compares to part numbers 2000879, G0031-0119-1, V1041JS012A00, V1041JS012A01, V1041JS012A10, V1041JS012A20, V1041JS012A30, V0031J12-119, V0031J12-119-1, V0031J12-119-2