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Hydraulic Wheel/Brake Dolly HWD-40

Product Description

Hydraulic Wheel-Brake Dolly

Hydraulic Wheel-Brake Dolly manufactured by Alberth Aviation.

  • P/N: HWD-40 Description: Wheel Dolly
  • P/N: BD-20 Description: Brake Dolly
  • P/N: HWD-40-F Description: Conversion Kit for Falcon 7X
  • Prevent lost work time due to back or hand injuries
  • Allows for easy one person tire changes
  • Maneuvers easily around and behind gear doors and axle threads with low profile design
  • Provides easy alignment of brake keys with wheel rotation on grooved machined rollers
  • Stores wheel changing tools on handy storage tray
  • Prevent lost flight time due to damaged axles, wheels or brakes
  • Colors: White, Gray, Blue

Technical Data

  • Adjusts for tire widths from 4 to 12 inches
  • Handles wheel diameters from 25 to 40 inches
  • Supports tires up to 350 lbs