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Conveyor belt loader towed NT-seria


Chassis made on structural rectangular profile, treated with antirust epoxy and polyurethane paint

(RAL on choice, white 9010 standard).

Fixed rear axle.

Front axle is rigid and fixed to a turnable drawbar and hook, with 240° total angle of steering.

Superelastic tyres 4.00-8


The front axle is equipped with a brake pad, that is activated by upright raising the towbar, and it automatically

activates if it accidentally unhooked during towing.


Reflective stripes rear and sides white / red

N° 1 LED working lights LM 1400


The unit is equipped with a Siemens control unit, able to control all the safety functions on the machine and the

operating sequences, reducing wiring and making possible the timing of some functions that are programmable

directly by the operator, also continuously checking the proper function, and promptly isolating risky anomalies for

the machine's operation and for the operator safety, and in the end allowing a rapid faults diagnosis.

Allows special customization for any operating sequences and interlocks.


Boom structure made in welded tubular profile.

Fitted on the boom there are a fixed panel and an hanging panel for the movement of the belt.

n° 4 emergency push buttons.

Full lenght rubber bumper on front.

Electric motor to drive the belt with gear unit ( E version); Hydraulic motor ( D version).

Belt speed: fixed 20 mt/min or adjustable 10 to 25 mt/min ( E version); adjustable 10 to 30 mt/min ( D version).

Capacity 135 kg/mt.

Single load 400 Kg based on 600x800mm.

Handrail on the left side h= 1000mm (optional)

Foldable handrail on right side h= 1000mm (optional)

Alluminium left side rail h=100mm (optional)

Alluminium foldable right side rail h=100 (optional)

Modular belt with elastomer grip surface.


Low friction acetal resin modular belt with thermoplastic rubber surface:

the modular belt, with high draining capacity, requires no tension and allows fast replacement of even small

parts, giving multiple benefits in terms of time and maintenance costs. The elastomer grip surface, with a high

wear resistance, able to collect the luggage also with high angles of slope without slipping. The tests performed

and the normal use in many airports confirm the high standards in terms of efficiency and reliability of the

modular belt fitted on our equipments, compared to the normal solutions on the market (rubber belt closed



Mini electro/hydraulic power pack 24V for only moving the ramp positioning cylinder and the approaching

system cylinder (when included).

Controls on the towbar.

Battery charger.

Manual emergency pump for ramp movements.


To facilitate the alongside final approaching, the equipment can be equipped with a hydraulic propulsion

system consists of a fifth wheel hydraulically or electrically motorized, operated using the steering control

manually. In periods of inactivity the wheel is raised up from the ground by hydraulic cylinder; all the controls

will be in the towbar.


Hatz 1B30 single-cylinder diesel engine with high-performance, small-size, high standards of efficiency and

reliability, in accordance with the new current rules on emissions into the atmosphere. Air cooling.

Cubic Capacity: 347 cm3

Bore and stroke: 80 / 69mm (3x3.2 in)

Maximum power at 3000 rpm: kW 5/HP - 6.8 DIN

Maximum torque: 17.5 Nm at 1700 rev / min

Voltage: 12V

Battery: 62 Ah


Boom lowering and lifting, equipment traslation (whit apporach system), located on the towbar.

The ignition key, alternator light, low fuel warning light and the engine oil warning light, are located in the

control panel, located on the casing of the engine compartment.

Hydraulic system

Gear service pump

Return filter

Manual emergency pump for ramp and stabilizers movements

Conveyor belt speed: adjustable 10 to 30 mt/min

Service capacities

Fuel: 20 liters capacity

Hydraulic oil: 30 liters capacity

Hydraulic System: 20 liters