About Us

At the beginning of the way our company is engaged in the sale of spare parts for construction machinery and road transport and the team consisted of only 2 people. Beginning in 2006, among of our partners began to appear airports of the Russian Federation and in the next 2 years, our company is fully focused on the supply of airport equipment, mechanism for terrestrial applications and spare parts for them, but 2006 exactly would be the year of the formation of our company.

During this, not a long time, we managed to accumulate a lot of experience, remain on the market during the global financial crisis, to purchase a number of reliable suppliers around the world and most importantly - to become a reliable partner for our customers in Russia and all over the Customs Union. At this moment, our company has a large staff of qualified workers in the are of supply of machinery and equipment, in the area of supply of spare parts and to provide services and repair.

We do not stand still, we are constantly improving, we like it that we do, we love the technique with which we work, because ... 

…«Every flight begins on the ground»

The scope of our activity: